28 November, Thursday – Digital Industry

Virtual Factory Establishment and Management
Communication of Sensors
Importance of Internet of Things in Digital Industry
Manufacturing Control with Automation System
3D Additive Manufacturing
Human-Robot Interaction – Examples of Uses of Robots
Cloud Manufacturing
Uses of Blockchain in Industry 4.0
ERP Systems
Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Its Uses in Industry
Predictive Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence
Quality 4.0
Logistics 4.0 and Smart Delivery
Keep Your Factory Under Control with Business Intelligence
Transition from Automation to Autonomous System
Cyber Security Threats in Digital Industry
Qualified Manpower – Industry 4.0 and Education
Augmented Reality Application

29 November, Friday – Digital Economy and Financial Technologies

Digital Transformation and Its Reflections on Economy
What Digital Banking Promises to Customers?
Communication with Customers – Artificial Intelligence Chatbots
Mobile World and New Payment Systems
Technical Infrastructure of BIST – Trading in Microseconds
What are These Futures?
Will Bitcoin and Digital Currencies Be the New Reserve Currency?
Algo Trade vs. Mr. Dude
Digital Economy and Cyber Security
Use of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Procedures
Robotics Portfolio Consulting
BPA (Business Process Automation) and Its Applications in Economy
Future of Financial Technologies
Use of e-Signature and Digital Signature
Can KEC and New Identification Cards Be New Debit Cards?

30 November, Saturday – 5G and Internet of Things

Overview of the Advances in Communication Technologies – 3G-4G-5G and Beyond
Turkey and 5G Activities – BTK
Domestic Base Station Journey – ULAK
New Applications and New Opportunities Introduced by 5G
5G and Cyber Security
5G Solutions
Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Telecommunications Sector
Use of e-Signature and Digital Signature
What is DPDK and What Can Be Done?
Internet of Things – Digital Things
5G and Internet of Things
How 5G Will Affect the Digital Industry?
IOT Applications
IOT and Big Data
Use of IOT and Artificial Intelligence
IOT and Smart Cities