The stunning developments that have been experienced in technology today continuously affect our lives and change the way we do business. These changes not only change our normal life, but also our behaviors and culture. As Heraclitus, who lived in Ephesus between 535 and 475 B.C., said, “Change is the only constant in life”.  The changes experienced by communities for hundreds of years have started to become more effective in shorter periods of time, together with the impact of technology, in recent years. We are seeing the impact of the changes more and more every day, in industry, economics, communications, social life and all other areas.  So, how are we going to keep pace with these changes? Or are we going to not behave in line with the changes and end up disappearing? This is the very reason why the “DIGITAL IMPACT EXHIBITION”, which is to be held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center on 28-30 November 2019, will be presenting the impacts of these changes on our lives and what we need to do, over a period of 3 days.

All of the reflections of the Digital Impact on:
-Economics and
will be set forth within the framework of the Digital Impact exhibition, which is to be held this year. Within this framework, it will be possible to monitor the changes which are occurring closely, through the presentations and speeches made by experts from the sector, and seek the answer to the question, “Digital Transformation is happening. So, what should I, as (an individual, a company, a citizen and a country) do?” and the road map we should be progressing on in the face of these changes.
As our valued visitors, you will be have access to the valuable presentations of the experts on the subjects of Digital Industry and Industry 4.0, the Digital Economy, 5G and the Internet of Things, and the solutions of the companies which generate products and services on these matters, within the scope of the exhibition, which will last for 3 days.
See change by experiencing it personally, rather than through sophisticated concepts.
Digital Impact is waiting for you.